Team AkzoNobel, with skipper Simeon Tienpont, is the first to entry the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. Simeon will do a great job and it’s fantastic news to have a Dutch entry in this early stage.
In the meantime Team Brunel has here homebase in The Hague. Sailing Holland is working hard on the sponsorship, based on a collaboration of sponsors and partners. Hopefully this will be the next Dutch entry of the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. For more information, please contact: info@sailingholland.net
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Press release: The Hague home port of Team Brunel (Dutch version)

DEN HAAG - Onthulling van het stadslogo op de Burnel boot door wethouder Karsten Klein. FOTO EN COPYRIGHT HENRIETTE GUEST

DEN HAAG – Onthulling van het stadslogo op de Brunel boot door wethouder Karsten Klein. FOTO EN COPYRIGHT HENRIETTE GUEST

Team Brunel ligt afgemeerd in haar nieuwe thuishaven Den Haag. Op woensdagmorgen 1 juni onthulden de Haagse wethouder Karsten Klein (Havens) en Gideon Messink (directeur van Sailing Holland) het Haagse stadslogo op de spiegel van de Nederlandse Volvo Ocean 65. De nummer twee van de Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 zal vanaf heden volledig vanuit de Scheveningse haven opereren. Zo krijgt het Nationaal Topzeilcentrum Den Haag, een samenwerking tussen het Watersportverbond en Den Haag, er een belangrijke buurvrouw bij.

Met de komst van Team Brunel en daarmee het zeezeilen als sporttak, breidt Den Haag zich verder uit als het centrum voor topzeilen. ‘Wij zijn blij met onze nieuwe thuishaven”, aldus Gideon Messink. Zijn organisatie werkt hard aan een nieuwe campagne voor de volgende editie, die in het najaar van 2017 start. ‘Aangezien de finish van de Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 in Den Haag plaatsvindt, is het en logische keuze om ons hier te vestigen. Onze teambase komt hier te staan, dus we zullen vanuit Scheveningen trainen en relatievaren. Dat zal veel reuring en bezoekers opleveren.” Ook Wethouder Klein is trots: “Met het onthullen van het stadswapen en stadslogo laten we zien dat de haven van Scheveningen dé hotspot voor de internationale zeilsport is. Dit is goed voor de promotie van de boot, de Volvo Ocean Race, de haven van Scheveningen en hiermee voor de promotie van de stad Den Haag”.

Dankzij de komst van Team Brunel komen de werelden van zee- en olympisch zeilen langs de Haagse bij elkaar. Dat biedt grotere kansen op kruisbestuiving en doorstroming, wat het topniveau ten goede komt.

Over Sailing Holland

Sailing Holland, een initiatief om het offshore zeilen naar een hoger plan te brengen, werd in 2013 opgericht met het concrete doel ‘deelname aan de Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15’. Daaruit ontstond Team Brunel, dat een prachtig resultaat neerzette door uiteindelijk als tweede overall in Götheborg te finishen. Deze tweede plaats smaakt naar meer en dus streeft Sailing Holland ernaar om ook in 2017/18 deel te nemen aan de Volvo Ocean Race.

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Come to The Hague and visit Team Brunel!

The VO65 is open for everyone who wants to see the boat inside and outside. Come to The Hague and visit the boat. An appointment is not necessary. Just come and join.

Friday 13 May: 15.00 – 19.00
Saturday 14 May: 15.00 – 19.00
Sunday 15 May: 15.00 – 19.00

Location: The Hague – Scheveningen
Zuiderstrandtheater, derde haven

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On our way to Scheveningen, still on the upwind

Sunday 8th of May, 13.00 Dutch boat time

We passed Brest this morning, so it feels we are on the last bit of the trip, as we are seeing the land. Time for some quick whatsapp messages while we were in reach, to ensure a welcome with champagne in the harbour. The last days were motoring or upwind with ever grey skies, which made everybody a bit grumpy. It is very unusual to have these north eastern winds instead of south westerlies here, but well, you can’t change what you get from the big man above, however much I prayed with every falling star for some nice downwind runs. Yesterday was sunny, speed was good and we did some hours with the fractional instead of the J1 jib. This got all the good moods going again and laughter all around. It also lead to some galley creativity, as we got pancakes and baked chorizo to break through the monotony of the freeze dried, noodles and cookies. Even though the pancakes were mainly made up from freeze dried breakfast, you couldn’t tell. The temperatures at night are dropping fast, water temperature is getting way lower and it is very humid, so the nights are getting harder as we reach for the Netherlands.

I could tell you some more about Team Brunel, as she is a very communicative lady. She will always tell you when she is happy or unhappy with you. She makes a range of happy sounds if you are driving & trimming her well and the polar will show by running up to full performance. The runner starts vibrating, the water runs of the hull in a certain sound, she starts flying over the waves, and your polar will be above 95%. She will also tell you when you’re too high, as she starts by bouncing in the waves too much or when you’re too low, as she will just drop in speed. She is wonderful, and I feel privileged to have sailed her with this fantastic crew. I will always love her a little.

Slowly I have to start thinking about getting back to the office again and commence daily life. Sometimes you wonder if you have made the right choices in life, as you see the pro crew doing this as their daily job. But than again, being at home, dry and warm, no heel or movement, no freeze dried, stocked fridge, see is very attractive at the moment also.
So I guess this lemma will always stay like this. I love the sailing so much and enjoyed this trip immensely, but doing it everyday would be too much. I have gained a deep respect for the enormous physical challenge of racing on a Volvo boat and my three months in the gym is not nearly enough to do full out racing on this boat. As the next Volvo Ocean race will finish in Scheveningen, I hope we will have a new fantastic Dutch campaign starting next year and will follow and support closely and maybe see some of our crew on the boats.

Big hands for everyone on this trip and thanks for this really nice ride. And no Johnny, I will not make a voodoo doll of you for all the upwind.

Mariette Koekoek

Wednesday the 4th of May, 22.30 Dutch boat time

After a well-deserved stop on the Azores, we have said goodbye to most of the guests. We are now nine on board for the last leg to

Scheveningen, which is more comfortable, but also quieter. We left yesterday around noon, celebrated Johnny’s birthday on board with a nice cake and songs an hour after we left. Our Ozzie will be having his birthday party tonight at twelve and guess what, we’re all invited J. As a surprise we will have a real bacon & eggs breakfast tomorrow and apple pie. And I have seen some of the boys snooping around with balloons and stuff.

We started with the first 115 miles motoring and sun, which gave everyone a chance to dry out the last bits of clothing and the interior and to do a bit of stretching and exercising on the bow. Planking was much easier than when we started out, so I guess I am gaining much more core stability. Not that amazing, as you always have the feeling to be in a washing machine outside and a tumble dryer inside. During the evening we had a few hours of fun with the masthead code zero, but as always the wind changed and we have been on the upwind beat ever since with the J1 and full main. Today we saw around 25 knots at the most and now it is quieting down again to around 20 knots. And I guess the upwind beat is growing on me, as I thoroughly enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and sunset and didn’t even mind the heel that much inside. The “apekooien” or monkey caging, as we Dutch call it, is also getting easier, as all the holds and steps are familiar by now.

Days are starting to look a little alike, stories are being retold and the rhythm of life on board is getting regular. All daily stress of life at home has fallen away and I am enjoying the trip very much. Nothing but endless horizon, blue water, wind and upbeat legs……. Very good to empty the mind and just enjoy life, this beautiful trip, fantastic boat, nice crew, fast sailing and the Atlantic ocean.

Mariette Koekoek

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